LLRoberson page New Face Lift

Hi Everyone,

I am slowing converting my website from Dreamweaver to WordPress for ease of making edits and adding content. Please check back frequently for new updates and DIY ideas.



  1. Bill Strain

    I would love to see your Katrina before and after pics once more. I’m a native Ms and still love the coast, even tho i”ve been gone for 60 years

    • llroberson

      Hi Bill,

      Sorry for the delayed response. I just sold my house last month and moved into my new house this week.

      I will have to rebuilt the Katrina/MS page within WordPress. My original website was created within Dreamweaver which requires a software license and editing the site was not as easy as using WordPress.

      I do still have some of the art that was created for the Katrina webpage. Confirm and provide your email address if you would like some of the art because it might be several weeks before I can around to recreating this webpage.

      Kind regards,
      Linda Le Roberson

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