Mississippi Gulf Coast
Before and After Katrina

Biloxi, Ms was a land once inhabited by Biloxi Indians. It was founded in 1699 by French settler Pierre LeMonyne D'Iberville with a history spanning over 300 years. Biloxi is a coastal city that borders the Gulf of Mexico to the South and the Biloxi Bay to the North. On August 29, 2005, Biloxi was massively damaged by Hurricane Katrina, which struck full-force with a 30-ft (9-m) storm surge that destroy almost every residental neigborhoods and businesses within the city, and pushed casino barges inland.


Ariel Photos of Biloxi, MS


Biloxi,MS-Before Katrina Biloxi,MS-After Katrina
Biloxi, MS-Before Katrina Biloxi, MS-After Katrina


Biloxi, MS-Ariel Night Biloxi,MS-After Katrina
Biloxi, MS (facing South East)-Before Katrina Biloxi, MS (facing North East)-After Katrina


Biloxi, MS Beach after Katrina A Neigborhood Behind the Point area Interior of Beach House

Bleach Blvd-Highway 90

A Neigborhood Behind the Point area
(Click for larger image

Interior of Beach House

St. Michael Catholic Church

(with the Grand Casino Barge to the left

Biloxi LightHouse

(the only landmark standing)

Ocean Spring bridge

(connects Biloxi to Ocean Springs)

Bay St Louis, MS Walter Anderson's Museum

Bay St. Louis, MS

(nothing but rubble)

Biloxi, MS

(What remains of a Museum)

Ocean Springs,MS

(Walter Anderson Art Museum)



More Photos After Katrina

McElroy Harbor Mary Mahoney-Old French House

McElroy Harbor - Gulfport, MS

Mary Mahoney-Old French House-Biloxi, MS

Scott Marine
Scott Marine

Scott Marine Museum-Biloxi, MS

Scott Marine Museum- Closer View
The Point- Biloxi, MS- After Katrina
Biloxi Beach

The Point- East Biloxi, MS

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Clean up Efforts on the MS Beach

Bay St. Louis House BomBay Bicyle Club-Biloxi, MS

All that is left of a house in Bay St. Louis, MS

Bombay Bicycle Club Restaurant-Biloxi, MS

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Highway 90- Gulfport,MS Hardrock Casino after Katrina- Biloxi,MS

Highway 90/Beach Blvd in Gulfport, MS

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Mississippi Beaches after Katrina

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Hardrock Casino- Biloxi, MS

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Katrina Memorial- Biloxi, MS

After Katrina, the media focus was all about New Orleans and nothing about the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I was very sadden because this was the place where I grew up. This was the place where everything started for me. The beautiful sandy beaches, the antebellum homes on the beach front, the shrimping boats that dock at the bay,and the great big Magnolia tree that I use to sit under as a child has now all been destroyed in just one day.

The Katrina Memorial located within Biloxi was built to commemorate all victims who had parish in the storm. I am very grateful for ABC Extreme Makeover for choosing Biloxi, Mississippi to air their show for Hurricane Katrina. My childhood memories of the Mississippi Gulf Coast may be gone but never forgotten.


Katrina Memorial- Biloxi, MS

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Katrina Memorial


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